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Anti-symmetric Compton scattering in LiNiPO4: Towards a direct probe of the magneto-electric multipole moment

Sayantika Bhowal1*, Daniel O'Neill2, Michael Fechner3, Nicola A. Spaldin1*, Urs Staub4, Jon Duffy2, Stephen P. Collins5

1 Materials Theory, ETH Zurich, Wolfgang-Pauli-Strasse 27, 8093 Zurich, Switzerland

2 Department of Physics, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL, UK

3 Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter, 22761 Hamburg, Germany

4 Swiss Light Source, Paul Scherrer Institute, 5232 Villigen PSI, Switzerland

5 Diamond Light Source Ltd, Diamond House, Harwell Science & Innovation Campus, Didcot, Oxfordshire, OX11 0DE

* Corresponding authors emails: sayantika.bhowal@mat.ethz.ch, nicola.spaldin@mat.ethz.ch
DOI10.24435/materialscloud:yx-7k [version v1]

Publication date: Jul 23, 2021

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Sayantika Bhowal, Daniel O'Neill, Michael Fechner, Nicola A. Spaldin, Urs Staub, Jon Duffy, Stephen P. Collins, Anti-symmetric Compton scattering in LiNiPO4: Towards a direct probe of the magneto-electric multipole moment, Materials Cloud Archive 2021.119 (2021), doi: 10.24435/materialscloud:yx-7k.


We present a combined theoretical and experimental investigation of the anti-symmetric Compton profile in LiNiPO4 as a possible probe for magneto-electric toroidal moments. Understanding as well as detecting such magneto-electric multipoles is an active area of research in condensed matter physics. Our calculations, based on density functional theory, indicate an anti-symmetric Compton profile in the direction of the ty toroidal moment in momentum space, with the computed anti-symmetric profile around four orders of magnitude smaller than the total profile. The difference signal that we measure is consistent with the computed profile, but of the same order of magnitude as the statistical errors and systematic uncertainties of the experiment. Our results motivate further theoretical work to understand the factors that influence the size of the anti-symmetric Compton profile, and to identify materials exhibiting larger effects.

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LiNiPO4 Magneto-electric toroidal moment Compton scattering density-functional theory ERC H2020 Horizon Europe

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2021.119 (version v1) [This version] Jul 23, 2021 DOI10.24435/materialscloud:yx-7k