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Tight-Binding Electronic Transport Application (TBETA) for graphene nanoribbon junctions

Kristiāns Čerņevičs1,2*, Valeria Granata2,3, Oleg V. Yazyev1,2*

1 Institute of Physics, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

2 National Centre for Computational Design and Discovery of Novel Materials (MARVEL), École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

3 Theory and Simulation of Materials (THEOS), Faculté des Sciences et Techniques de l'Ingénieur, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

* Corresponding authors emails: kristians.cernevics@epfl.ch, oleg.yazyev@epfl.ch
DOI10.24435/materialscloud:av-24 [version v1]

Publication date: Jun 23, 2020

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Kristiāns Čerņevičs, Valeria Granata, Oleg V. Yazyev, Tight-Binding Electronic Transport Application (TBETA) for graphene nanoribbon junctions, Materials Cloud Archive 2020.66 (2020), doi: 10.24435/materialscloud:av-24.


TBETA provides a simple graphical interface for building structures of two-terminal junctions of graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) at angles 60°, 120° and 180°. The electronic structure and transport properties of the constructed junctions are calculated using the nearest-neighbour tight-binding model in combination with the Landauer-Büttiker formalism and Green's function techniques.

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Files and data are licensed under the terms of the following license: MIT License.
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External references

Preprint (Paper in which the application is described)
K. Čerņevičs, O. V. Yazyev, Tailoring electronic transport across nanoribbon junctions - in preparation
Software (The numerical calculations are based on the Kwant code)


Graphene Nanoribbon Junction GNR Transport Conductance Tight-Binding SNSF MARVEL

Version history:

2020.66 (version v1) [This version] Jun 23, 2020 DOI10.24435/materialscloud:av-24